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Karen Gray CH, RN

Karen Gray is a Certified Hypnotist (CH), and a Registered Nurse. She has the expertise to help her clients improve their overall well-being by helping them to unlock and harness the power of their subconscious minds and make the positive life changes they desire.

Karen  sees clients for issues such as pain management, quitting smoking, losing weight, improving study habits and test taking, overcoming fears and anxieties, improving sports performance, reaching career goals, eliminating unwanted habits, and much more.

Karen shares, “As a nurse, I have been very fortunate to be able to help people through every phase of life, from birth to death. Often, no matter what treatments or medications I could give, no matter how good my nursing skills were, some people just couldn’t get better past a certain point. Their insecurities, their habits and addictions, and their stress and anxieties - those parts of their lives that they thought they had no control over - held them back. I would end up frustrated and out of tools to help them. I wanted to do more for those people. Hypnosis has given me the tools to fill in the gaps.”

As a hypnotist, Karen gives her clients the tools to take control of those parts of their lives that don’t have to be out of control anymore. She teaches clients how to work with their subconscious minds so that they have less stress and less anxiety; so they can perform better in all aspects of their lives; so that they can be rid of those bad habits; so that they can take control of their lives again.

Her calm and comforting personality helps to put her clients at ease. Clients of Green Mountain Hypnosis have the ability to solve their own problems - Karen just shows them the way. She is passionate about helping people, and believes in providing a personalized plan for each client based on their goals.

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