By: karengray | October 15, 2019

Look at you! Here you are with this brilliant computer in your head, and it is faster and more advanced than any other machine on the planet. This computer has almost unlimited storage space and a lightning fast processor capable of producing reactions faster than you can recognize what you’re reacting to.

You have been collecting data your whole life, and your subconscious mind has been using that information to create beliefs, emotional responses, physical reactions, and automatic behaviors, all to keep you safe and running smoothly. And even as awesome as it is, sometimes those programs become outdated, and things don’t as well as you’d like them to.  Like a computer, your subconscious mind can be reprogrammed, updated, and upgraded ...

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By: karengray | October 08, 2019

When I stepped out of working as a full time nurse to open the hypnosis practice, one of the biggest adjustments I had to make was in my mind. In a two week period, I went from getting regular paychecks to not knowing how much I would make. I had no set schedule, and a mile-long list of unknowns. Anyone who has gone into business for themselves knows that this can be a little unnerving.

I knew that I had the potential to be incredibly successful. And I knew that I also had the potential to let stress and uncertainty sabotage that success.

You Are What You Say You Are

Your inner dialogue, that ongoing conversation you have with yourself, has a huge impact on your feelings and actions. Think of it like having a conversation with the smartest per...

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By: karengray | October 01, 2019


Hanover Chamber of Commerce Health and Wellness Fair

Saturday, Oct. 12th 10 am - 2 pm at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lebanon, NH

Stop by our table and...

  • Discover simple stress management techniques you can use anytime, anywhere
  • Sign up for free audio hypnosis programs
  • Enter to win a free 60-minute Relaxation session
  • Come Say Hello and learn how hypnosis can benefit you! 


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10/07 - The first full week of October, according to the National Days calendar is Work at Home Week. How do you stay motivated and focused when working from home? 

10/14 - How to get the most out of your Brain. Discover easy exercises to train your mind to learn faste...

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By: karengray | September 24, 2019

Active Aging Week takes place each year during the last week of September. The weeklong campaign calls attention to and wholeheartedly celebrates the positivity of aging today. 

The objective of the annual health-promotion event is to give as many older adults as possible the means to experience wellness activities and exercise in a safe, supportive environment. It also promotes the benefits of healthier, more active lifestyles across the lifespan.

In the spirit of this even, I’ll share with you the benefits of keeping the mind and body active and strong so that they can continue to work well with each other.

Keeping Your Brain in Shape

Physical fitness gets plenty of attention, and for good reason. A healthy body can prevent conditions su...

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By: karengray | September 18, 2019

Although the terms "complementary medicine" and "alternative medicine" are often used interchangeably, it's important to distinguish between these two types of approaches to medical care.

Complementary medicine typically refers to non-mainstream therapies and practices used along with conventional medicine in the treatment of a specific condition or health issue. On the other hand, alternative medicine refers to non-mainstream therapies and practices used in place of conventional medicine.

Despite this distinction, it's rare for patients to forgo conventional medicine and pursue treatment with alternative medicine alone. Indeed, many treatments used by alternative medicine practitioners are used to complement traditional t...

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