By: karengray | March 26, 2019

The daily grind of projects, deadlines and pressures at work can be stressful. 

Work-related stress is a growing problem that affects the health and well-being of employees, and also the productivity of organisations. Work-related stress occurs where the various types and combinations of responsibilities and demands exceed a person’s level of control and ability to cope.

The stresses of a policeman or high school teacher working in a busy city are quite different than those experienced by their counterparts in rural towns. It’s important to keep this in mind when thinking about the stress of teachers, police personnel, physicians, and other occupations. Stress levels can vary widely even in identical situations for different reasons. It’...

By: karengray | June 03, 2018

What Is Self-Sabotage?

Behavior is self-sabotaging when it creates problems that interfere with your long-standing goals. Self-sabotage can be something that you do, like procrastinate overeat, or self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. It can also manifest in the ways that you act, such as low self esteem and low self-confidence. These behaviors and actions may seem helpful in the moment, but they ultimately undermine us, especially when we engage in them repeatedly.

People aren't always aware of their own self-sabotage, since we rarely see ourselves clearly. Often, if you have self-sabotaging behaviors, you may find yourself wondering why things can’t seem to go your way. You may have asked yourself “Why can’t I get a good job?” or “Why isn’t ...

By: karengray | May 28, 2018

We have all been there...

You are full of inspiration and 100% motivated to start your healthy new lifestyle. You start to work out four times a week, you eat healthy and you treat yourself every once in a while. This is the perfect plan, and everything is going great. Somewhere along the road you lose your motivation and you have no idea how to get back on track.

Some days you wake up and right when you are going to begin your work, excited and ready to take on whatever the day brings. And then one day, that feeling where you once were so passionate and energized to take action just isn’t there anymore. You try to hype yourself up but it’s not working, and everything you do seems to be counterintuitive. You don’t want to work today and you d...

By: karengray | May 21, 2018

Starting our own business was one of the most intimidating things I have ever done, and that is saying quite a lot since I spent eight years as an EMT, and another ten years as a registered nurse - I’ve seen some things!

Working closely with my partner John, we began creating the framework of what Green Mountain Hypnosis would look like. We set up a fee structure, crafted policies and letters, decided on branding fonts and colors, and crafted our logo. We spent hours talking about who we were, and what we wanted GMH to become.

Thankfully, we had received excellent training, not only in hypnosis, but also in how to successfully launch a new hypnosis practice. So when the time came, we were pretty ready. I was confident that we had the skills w...

By: karengray | April 16, 2018

Managing Your Time...

Do you sometimes feel like you spend all your time managing crises? That your life is basically spent putting out one proverbial fire after another?

At the end of the day do you feel completely sapped and drained of energy, and yet you can’t point to anything you accomplished that had any real significance?


Then you are probably confusing the urgent with the important.

The Eisenhower Matrix

President Dwight D. Eisenhower developed the "Eisenhower Matrix." It's a tool for figuring out what's important versus urgent in order to increase your productivity by allowing you to focus your time on tasks that are important but not urgent.

The Eisenhower Matrix allows you to sort your task list according to what's most i...