By: karengray | November 19, 2018

There is no question that moving more benefits us both physically and mentally, and in the lives of a diabetic, maintaining that balance between diet and exercise can be life or death. But I feel like “exercise” sounds a whole lot like “work.” And what’s more, it feels like one more thing that I’m not sure how to fit into my day and when I don’t get to it I am going to feel bad about myself.

So, how about we not exercise? Let’s just move more.

Moving more can be a challenge for many people. Chronic pain, fatigue, work and family obligations, and so many other factors can make moving your body seem like a chore, especially when it seems like we just don’t have the motivation or energy to do anything else with our day.

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By: karengray | November 12, 2018

As more studies have been conducted, medical professionals now understand that diabetes brings with it the hidden risk of depression. In fact, diabetes can increase the chances of a person developing depression by 50%. With depression comes inactivity, fatigue, susceptibility to illness, cravings for easy burning calories like carbohydrates and sugars, a distancing of relationships, difficulty in the workplace or in school, and an overall sense of doom and defeat. Considering that 35% of all diabetics have significant depression and 11% have major depression, it is easy to understand why this topic deserves a closer look.

One of the first treatment options for depression recommended by most doctors is prescribed drugs. There are certainly ca...

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By: karengray | November 06, 2018

In the treatment of diabetes, there are at least two absolute truths.

One.    Everything affects your insulin needs.

Two.    Steady glucose and insulin levels decrease the occurrence of complications.

Stress, illness, hunger, hormones, altitude, physical fitness, diet, activity, depression, insecurities, ability to move, pancreatic motivation, heart function, circulation, respiratory status, lymph systems - literally everything in and around your body, including your emotional states, affect how much insulin your body needs. And when you control those things, you have better control over the levels of insulin.

Diabetes is a physical disorder, and like most other physical states, is heavily impacted by ps...

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