By: karengray | November 20, 2017

“Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis was a Huge Success”

By Karen Gray CH, RN

“Hypnosis made quitting smoking the easiest thing I have ever done! Thank you!”

“It’s not about quitting or giving anything up. It’s about taking control of your life.”

“Thank you for your generosity in sharing your gift and making us non-smokers for the rest of our lives!”

On November 16th, Green Mountain Hypnosis held a free smoking cessation program in honor of The Great American Smoke Out. Six smokers participated, learned powerful stress reduction techniques, and became non smokers once and for all!

Mention “hypnosis” and most people automatically think of it as a way people quit smoking. It’s no surprise, as hypnosis for smoking cessation was found to be the “most effe...

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