By: karengray | December 17, 2018

In the last few weeks or so I have found myself feeling like there just isn’t enough time. Between running a busy practice, community and professional obligations, and the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season, it can be easy to switch over to auto pilot and wait until it’s over. But I hope that you will resist that urge, and take some time to not only look back, but look ahead at the new year to come!

“It’s About Time Week” is an actual recognized holiday, lasting from Christmas Day until New Year's Eve. Bringing the year to a close, this week is a time dedicated to last-minute goals, chores, and bursts of inspiration. It’s About Time Week is a time to  motivate us as we strive for success and positive beginnings in 2019.

“It’s About ...

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By: karengray | October 24, 2017

“Buttercup dried her tears and began to smile. She took a deep breath, heaved a sigh. It was all part of growing up. You got these little quick passions, you blinked, and they were gone. You forgave faults, found perfection, fell madly; then the next day the sun came up and it was over. Chalk it up to experience, old girl, and get on with the morning.” ― William Goldman, The Princess Bride

When my oldest was young, he would get terrible pains in his legs every few months, and sometimes every few weeks. He would come to me with a frustrated look on his face and tears in his beautiful blue eyes and tell me that it felt like someone was breaking his legs. I would sit with him, with his legs in my lap and a heating pad over h...