By: karengray | February 27, 2018

If you have ever had the thought that you were wasting time or putting things off, then you have been procrastinating. Most people feel some tension when they think about procrastination. We view it as a bad thing, as something to be avoided. But what if we have been looking at it all wrong?

Let’s talk about some of the ways that we can think about procrastination differently.


The Distraction:

Do you ever pretend to work while playing computer games or watching shows? If you have, then you have noticed that the work takes much longer t complete because you keep getting sucked into the game or show or YouTube or Facebook.


One possible reason that we distract ourselves when we are “supposed” to be working on something else is that we ...

By: karengray | February 22, 2018

“I love to procrastinate!”


I read this statement, written by a very talented career coach in an article all about how to avoid procrastination. Her statement made me chuckle. It certainly got my attention,, and made me read the article. The article was full of wonderful advice and tips on how to better manage your time so that you stop procrastinating. And as I read, I felt more stressed and anxious with the pressure of having one more thing to do, and one more thing that I may not be successful doing.


Instead of adding another thing to my already overflowing to do pile, I wondered if there was a way that I could re-frame my idea of what procrastination is, and if I can use my gift of procrastination to my advantage.


And that...