By: karengray | February 12, 2019

Basically, you are the smartest person you know, and you believe everything you say.


What you say to yourself is extremely important. When you tell yourself something, either positive or negative, you are reinforcing that idea. And just like those famous drooling dogs of Pavlov’s, that continuous reinforcement makes those positive or negative statements of yours real.


Not only that, but negative self talk is further reinforced by the negativity of others. If your own inner dialogue is constantly putting you down, you are more likely to believe others if they put you down, and to not believe the ones who compliment you.


Of course, the opposite is true. When you build and maintain a strong self esteem and a positive inner dialo...

By: karengray | October 02, 2018

We all experience self-talk. It is the thoughts we have about ourselves and the world around us. It is that dialogue we have when we “talk to ourselves.” But how much does that really affect you? And how important is it to your day to day life?

In order to understand how self-talk influences us, we have to understand a little about how the mind works. For the sake of time, we can simplify the mind down to two basic parts.

Your Conscious Mind

You can think of your conscious mind as a small data collector. Your conscious mind is in charge of taking in all the information about everything around you and sending that information off to your subconscious mind. That’s it. That is its job. It does not influence behaviors or emotions, and it is not ...

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By: karengray | February 05, 2018

“You Are What You Say You Are!”

You have heard me use the term before. This week I want to share with you why this phrase is at the foundation of everything I do. This phrase is the key to unlocking my client’s ability to make the real and lasting changes that they want to make in their lives, and it all starts with their Inner Dialogue.

We all have an Inner Dialogue. It is that constant silent stream of conversation that we have going on inside our minds every day.

There is a continuous conversation going on in everyone's head, all the time. A lot of energy, time and attention goes into maintaining these conversations, and their emotional impact on us is as real as anything else we might experience. This conversation goes on from the moment w...