Mask Anxiety

By karengray

So, since it looks like we’ll be a mask-wearing society for a while, let’s talk about some ways that you can decrease anxiety and feel more comfortable.
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Simplicity Day - Breaking Down Big Feelings

By karengray

National Simplicity Day is observed on July 12th in honor of Henry David Thoreau Thoreau is well-known by many for his book Walden, a reflection upon simple living in natural surroundings. In our increasingly fast and busy lifestyles, National Simplicity Day is an opportunity to take a step back and...

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What is Your Comfort Zone, and Why Should You Leave It?

By karengray

When we look at it simply, your comfort zone is a behavioral space, or a mental space, where your activities and behaviors fit inside a nice steady routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk. It provides a state of mental security. When you stay inside your comfort zone you benefit in obviou...

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“Those Are The Ones That Stay With You." - Looking at How First Responders Are Affected by Traumatic Events

By karengray

I became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in the summer of 2001. After completing my certification, I started working with my town’s ambulance service. I lived in a small town in rural Vermont, and the ambulance calls were rarely anything like you see on TV or hear about from larger cities, but...

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What is Scarcity Mindset and How is it Hurting You?

By karengray

I want to take a minute and step away from the Holiday theme to talk about something called the Scarcity Mindset. In short, this is the feeling that there is not enough ______ to go around. This perception is stressful and ultimately harmful to our success, and you can let it go.

There are enough job...

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