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Give the Holiday Gift of Inner Calmness...

Mental Spa Experience

Give the Holiday Gift of Inner Calmness... Give the Mental Spa Experience!

Come enjoy a beautiful, unique, and transformative experience that has been specially designed to leave you feeling restored, empowered, re-energized and ready to take on Life and the upcoming Holiday Season.  

This powerful hour-long hypnosis session is specially designed for relaxation and rejuvenation, to give you a profound sense of calmness and renewed focus, a stress free feeling, and the sensation that you have just had a full night’s sleep.  

Don’t miss out on this special holiday offer!  
Enjoy the upcoming Holidays more than ever!
Each Mental Spa Experience is only $65.00 for a limited time!

Reserve your Mental Spa Session and experience exploration, restoration and empowerment with Registered Nurse and Certified Hypnotist Karen Gray.

Karen will guide you through a journey of hypnosis to a wonderful transformative experience focused on helping you to release any negative emotions, restore your sense of Calm, and add more Mindfulness and Compassion to your daily life.  

Give this gift to someone you Love, or treat yourself this Holiday Season!

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