Managing Feelings of Loss

By - karengray
09.02.21 05:09 PM

We’ve been noticing lately that there is a lot of Grief in the world that is manifesting in a lot of different ways. The last couple years have seen a lot of losses for a lot of people.


Grief over lost loved ones.


The virus.


The awareness of Afghanistan.


Changing and lost relationships.


The discovery that friends and family members may have extreme political views that are different from one’s own.


Loss of careers, jobs, and pastimes.


So many people working in health care who are burnt out and disillusioned and broken hearted.


And people not even on the front lines who have lost their careers or jobs that led to losing their family homes and all their belongings.


The feeling of a loss of a country, united,


So much loss.


The amount of loss is staggering and we will each have our own internal battles to fight to transcend the feelings of grief as we navigate a path forward.


We’d like to offer you a simple tool that can help you manage the seemingly overwhelming task of getting on with life. It's a tool that can show you creative ways to organize your feelings by taking back a little bit of control. A small but effective way to displace and neutralize the feelings of loss and grief.


Here’s How it Works

When someone is experiencing a lot of loss or grief, it can feel as though they are completely surrounded by those emotions. When you are trying to let go of those debilitating emotions that are attached to an individual, imagine yourself moving them to a different place in your mind and watch what happens in the process. Here’s how.


Think about someone who is not associated with the loss or grief, someone in your life that you are fond of or neutral towards, but not emotionally attached to. It could be the mailman, someone you’ve seen on the internet, the clerk at the grocery store for example.


Now close your eyes for a moment and really focus on that person. As you focus on them, notice where they are in relation to you. Are they in front of you, off to the side, or behind you? Are they close to you or farther away? Make a mental note of where that is for you. This will give a target to move your feelings of loss and grief to. Just be sure that it is someone that you feel neutral to, no strong emotions in either way.


Now, anytime you discover those feelings of loss, notice where they are. Whether they are on top of you, all around you, beside you - imagine moving them to that target place of neutrality and notice what’s different. Also notice how you are feeling clearer, calmer, or less overwhelmed. What other differences are you noticing in your emotions?


The beauty of this simple method is that it can be used anywhere, any time, and the more you use it the easier and more effective it becomes.


If you or someone you know would like more information on managing the feelings of grief and loss, I am happy to help. After all, the better we all do, the better we all do.🍥

Karen Gray is a Certified Hypnotist, Registered Nurse, and Director of Green Mountain Hypnosis. For more information visit