Keeping the Happy in Thanksgiving

By - karengray
11.23.22 10:50 AM

There's been a common theme in the last couple weeks with my clients. Thanksgiving is here, and for many people that means too much food and too much stress. 

Stress compounds everything, including worry, sleep issues, and overeating. By lowering your stress you create some space where you can reclaim control over your habits and behaviors, and enjoy the holiday even more. 

First - breathe. 

Abdominal breathing - or belly breathing - is a simple and natural way to activate your body's relaxation response by stimulating your vagus nerve. It gives you a moment to focus on yourself and calm your mind. 

As you inhale, push your stomach muscles out. It may feel a little odd at first, but you'll get the feel for it right away. Take a deep, filling breath and hold it for just a moment. Then relax your stomach and exhale slowly. Good. Do that a few more times. 

Notice how your mind is a bit quieter, you feel a bit calmer, and you have less tension in your body. That's because the abdominal breathing activates your parasympathetic nervous system - turning off stress. 

The more you use abdominal breathing, the more beneficial it becomes as your mind and body create the habit of being more relaxed. You can do it any where, at any time, and because you are activating a natural physiological response - it will always work! 

Remember why you're here. 

Keeping things in perspective is the key to getting the most out of your experiences. 

Many of us have had that feeling when everything builds up and we begin to spin out into stress and worry. If that happens, you can bring yourself back by remembering why you're here. 

Take a moment now, and then a few more times over the next couple days,. to think about what this holiday really means to you. 

 Is your goal to provide a flawless meal, or enjoying the company of family and friends? 

Is it a time that perhaps used to be unhappy? What would you rather it be like? 

Things don't always have to be the way they've always been. You have the skills and ability to create the life you desire. Simply shifting your focus can make powerful changes in how you experience your life.🍥