By - karengray
11.24.21 11:12 AM

This is the time of year when I start to think about taking an inventory, where we review the events, growth, accomplishments, and failures of the last 11 months so that we can begin looking to the year ahead.

For a lot of people, this last year has been marked with milestones, both good and bad. As we navigate through all the changes and challenges that came out of last year's experience with the pandemic, I encourage you to sit back for a moment and reflect on all you've learned.

I always start any kind of reflection or inventory taking by choosing a comfortable place to sit or lay down. Take a few good deep abdominal breaths and let your eyes close if you choose. Imagine a time and place where you felt really relaxed - your own safe or happy place - and imagine that you are there now, seeing it through your own eyes and feeling it in your body.

From your safe, happy place, let your mind wander through the events of the last year as if you're watching them on a movie screen, where you can pause, rewind, even fast-forward. As you watch those scenes, notice any feelings as you feel them, and let them float by, like leaves floating down a stream. It's perfectly okay if you notice discomfort, and it's just as okay to notice strength and happiness. Just notice them without following them or getting tangled up in the feelings.

Whenever you're done, bring your mind back to your safe, happy place and take a few more deep, relaxing, abdominal breaths. Notice how your mind is clearer and calmer, or you may notice a feeling of lightness or relief.

This type of personal inventory taking helps us to put things into perspective and process through both positive and negative emotions. When we do this, we are able to let go of those things we no longer need more easily.

Reflecting on the past helps to provide closure to what has been and allows us to move forward by giving us the opportunity to do the emotional housekeeping to clear out that emotional baggage weighing you down. 🍥