Rules of the Mind - Part 1

By - karengray
10.14.21 08:48 AM

"Every thought creates a physical response."

Just like there are rules in the physical world, like gravity and inertia, that define how things interact and behave, there are rules that define how our minds and bodies interact and behave.

In the field of hypnosis, we call these the Rules of the Mind. They help us to better understand how our minds work and how we can use our minds more effectively and efficiently.

The first rule says that “Every thought creates a physical response.” This is part of the cornerstone of creating empowering thoughts. Here’s how it works.

Think of a time in the past when you felt very frustrated. Go into that memory for a moment, you may want to close your eyes. Let yourself associate into that frustrating memory and notice where you feel that in your body.

Did you notice a tightness in your shoulders or your chest? Did you start to fidget with your hands? Did your breathing change or your thoughts start to race? How did the thought of that memory affect you physically?

Once you get a sense of that memory creating a physical response in your body,  we'll want to break that state, so you don't have to carry that around with you. Take a few deep abdominal breaths and notice four things around you that are the color yellow. Perfect.

Now, take a deep breath and think about a pleasing, positive moment from the recent past. Maybe it was spending time with family or friends, doing something you enjoy, or an unexpected act of kindness. Associate into that positive pleasing memory and notice where you feel that in your body.

Did you notice the muscles in your jaw and neck relax?  Did you smile? Did your breathing slow down, or did you begin to feel warm or light? How did the thought of that memory affect you physically?

Understanding the connection between your mind and your body allows you to take back control of those parts of you that felt like they were out of control before. Our subconscious minds respond the same way to the thoughts we have as it does to things that are actively happening in the moment. We can use this to change our emotional and physical state in a matter of seconds.

Take a few moments each day to practice this ability we all have. Allow yourself to focus on the memory of a pleasing, positive experience and notice how your physical sensations change. Once you have learned to shift emotional states by shifting your thoughts, you will find it easier to break out of negative feelings.🍥