Experience a customized approach to helping you
resolve those old unwanted sleep patterns.

Discover how to fall back into sleep more easily if you wake up in the middle of the night. 

What sleep issues are you ready to let go of? 

"I can’t fall asleep at night." 
There you are lying in bed, and every part of you knows it’s time to go to sleep. Unfortunately, your mind is racing. What stressful thoughts are keeping you up? What issue are you worrying about? 

You and I will work together through hypnosis to retrain your brain to quiet your thoughts and drift into that appropriate rest. 

"I have a hard time staying asleep." 
Hypnosis is a process of creating new thinking within the subconscious mind. It makes sense that hypnosis is an ideal method of helping you retrain that automatic response to more easily fall asleep and appropriately stay asleep. 

"I don’t feel my best in the morning." 
Do you feel like a zombie in the morning? I personally used hypnosis to refocus my thoughts and energy to become a morning person, and I’m excited to share similar results with you.

Learn hypnotic deepening methods to guide the body to deeper levels of more restorative rest. 
"It worked big time! I got up at 6 AM this morning and I do not feel tired. I feel refreshed. This is a miracle and a great feeling to be in control of my mind and body."

"Great news! I’m loving the recording. I slept 8 hours the first night , 6 the next and 10 HOURS last night." 

"Last night I fell asleep for the first time without taking an Ambien in two years."

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