It's My Birthday!

By - karengray
07.21.22 01:25 PM

And I have a Gift for You!

I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to connect with so many amazing people, people like you!

For my birthday this year I want to share with you some of my favorite hypnosis programs - free of course!

Deep Stress Relief
This is the go-to mental reset you've been needing. This full length session will bring you in to a pleasantly deep state of hypnosis and leave you feeling relaxed, content, and refreshed.

End Emotional Eating
Do you find yourself eating when you aren't even hungry? Or eating when you're stressed, bored, or tired? I designed this session just for you! Reset your mind to end emotional eating and create healthier patterns.

Get Better Sleep
Maybe you wake up in the night, or perhaps you have trouble falling asleep in the first place. This session can be used during the day to prepare you for a full night's sleep when you're ready for bed, or you can listen as you're falling asleep and let it guide you into a peaceful rest.

Choose one or all of them - just click the buttons below to get instant access to these custom hypnosis session recordings.

I'll keep the offer open until July 28th, and once you request the sessions through the links below you'll have lifetime access to them.

I hope you have an amazing day!


Get the Deep Stress Relief Hypnosis Program
Get the End Emotional Eating Hypnosis Program
Get the Get Better Sleep Hypnosis Program

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