Practicing Positive Procrastination

By - karengray
07.20.22 06:55 PM

There is such a thing as “Good Procrastination.” It happens when we are shifting our priorities based on our needs and moving smoothly from one thing to the next. By choosing which tasks we can delay we are using our time and energies more efficiently. The result is that we actually get more done and feel more productive and accomplished.

Not everything needs to be done right away, or talked about right now, or even decided without a good night sleep. When we delay taking an action, we give ourselves the chance to process what is happening and respond thoughtfully instead of reacting to situations, and we take control of that aspect of our lives again.


When we use our ability to intentionally delay something, we allow ourselves to experience the situation and give it true and honest consideration and thought. This can mean the difference between creating a positive response or having a potentially negative reaction.


For example, in my own life, I will often write these articles at the last minute, mostly because I haven't decided what to write about yet. I used to feel pressured to get multiple articles written at once and have them all set and ready to go weeks in advance. However, this didn't really fit in with my work flow, and I was adding stress to my life that didn't need to be there.

I don't want to just throw something out there for the sake of having and article go out - I want these articles to be well thought out and helpful to those that read them. So I decided I would give myself a break.

Now, I allow myself this freedom to wait to decide what to write, and how to write it. The result is less stress for me and (hopefully) better information for you!


And this logic applies to all of us, in everything we do. Freeing up time, by taking a step back and allowing ourselves to process information, gives us the ability to make better decisions - to respond better, and react less.🍥

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