Understanding Anger

By karengray

Anger is a natural response to perceived threats. It causes your body to release adrenaline, your muscles to tighten, and your heart rate and blood pressure to increase. Your senses might feel more acute and your face and hands flushed. However, anger becomes a problem when you don't manage it in a ...

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Taking Control of Your Health Care

By karengray

We know that we should get regular check ups and see a provider when something seems wrong. Though all too often we put off getting the help that we need. There are a lot of reasons people delay seeing a doctor. The health care system has become increasingly complicated, especially when you layer on...

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Why Should You See a Hypnotist?

By karengray

As a professional hypnotist, I am in the business of empowerment. I teach people tools that they can use to accomplish their goals. Sometimes that tool is hypnosis, and sometimes it’s NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), cognitive reframing, self-hypnosis, or something else entirely. Some of the tool...

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Give Yourself Some Encouragement!

By karengray

Encouragement is the fuel for motivation. When we feel encouraged it feels good, and we want more of it, so we are motivated to get the next thing done so we can get those feel-good feelings again. The drive to feel good can be strong enough to motivate us to do more.

When we attach the good feeling ...

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

By karengray

I’ve been working with a lot of people this week who feel like they are just stuck. You know that feeling when you’ve got too much to do and your mind is just full? Your stress levels rise and you end up not making any progress. 

The conscious mind has a limited short term memory, and it has to ...

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