Mask Anxiety

By karengray

So, since it looks like we’ll be a mask-wearing society for a while, let’s talk about some ways that you can decrease anxiety and feel more comfortable.
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Decision Fatigue

By karengray

Imagine you are at the end of a hard exercise routine and you can hardly push your body to do anymore work. Your muscles are suffering from fatigue, and you are ready to give up. Your physical abilities have been depleted.

The same concept can be applied to your mental abilities.

Specifically, there i...

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Say Something Nice - To Yourself!

By karengray

This week, let’s start building the habit of sharing some kindness with the most important person in your life  -  You!

We all have an inner dialogue, and sometimes that self-talk we experience is critical and can even be downright mean. That negative self-talk can cause real damage to our ...

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Get Back On Track - Without Dieting

By karengray

Now that Summer has started, you may have started thinking about what sort of shape you’re in. Even if you’ve struggled with your weight in the past, this is the perfect time to reshape those habits so you can feel stronger, healthier, and better.

Here’s the thing - restrictive diets and demanding ex...

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Releasing Tension

By karengray

We experience tension in all sorts of ways both physically and emotionally. Physically, tension can manifest as tightened muscles, aching joints, a pounding heart, and more. Emotionally, tension can cause sadness, anxiety, boredom, lack of focus, agitation, and impatience.


Have you ever held a ...

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