How the Brain Shapes Pain

By karengray

So much of our work here at the hypnosis office is about empowering people just like you and me to use these incredibly powerful and intricate machines we call our minds. We help people to move away from the thinking that they are at the mercy of their automatic behaviors, and teach them to harness ...

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Changing Pain

By karengray

Pain is a part of life. It sounds a little wrong, but in reality people experience pain all the time. It is a normal and important signal that your body uses to communicate. We have a saying in our office,

“Pain is mandatory. Suffering is not!”

When pain becomes enough to interfere with our lives, we...

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What You Think is What You Feel

By karengray

Last weekend we hosted a Meetup here at GMH. It was the first of an eight part series discussing some of the founding principles of hypnosis. Charles Tebbetts, a hypnotist and instructor in the 1970’s, wrote out his observations in the “Rules of the Mind”, eight rules that define how the subconsciou...

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The Problem with the Opioid Problem

By karengray

The Pain Experience

Pain is a part of life. It sounds like a cliche, but in reality, people experience pain all the time.  When the pain becomes strong enough to interfere with life, we go to our doctors.  During the ten minutes that the doctor has to address your pain, it is very likely th...

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