By: karengray | June 17, 2019

Vegetables come in every color of the rainbow, almost every believable shape and size, and the flavors they share are absolutely astounding. Whether you’re talking about the staple vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and onions, or the diverse range of vegetables from around the world like Bok Choy and watercress, there is something for everyone.

Vegetables were one of the hallmarks of civilization. As we perfected our ability to grow them they became part of the foundation of our culture and cuisine. As time went on we learned about the many benefits to eating them.

Eventually, it was established by science that they were a vital source of nutrients that were hard or impossible to get from eating  just animals. These nutrients can help t...

By: karengray | September 10, 2018

It's Self Care Awareness Month!

September is Self–Care Awareness Month. This is a great time to remember that taking care of ourselves, first and foremost, is essential. We all tend to put others needs before our own and it is crucial to remember that we can’t fill up someone else’s cup when our own is empty. There are a lot of ways to look at self care. Getting a massage or taking a walk are great examples of taking time to look after our well-being. This month our articles will focus on ways that you can incorporate self-care into your every day like easily and effortlessly.

Traumatic Memory and How to Heal it

Have you ever been told when you’re stressed to stop worrying and just relax? That it’s all in your head? It would be nice if it wer...

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By: karengray | May 01, 2018

Many people struggle with being overweight, or even obese. It’s a common topic, and we know that excess weight is associated with potentially serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol. Excess weight is also a factor that contributes to sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, and back and knee problems, among other things. Oh! And we can’t forget the way it makes us feel about our appearance, how it affects our self esteem, and contributes to depression.

It is tempting to try for the “Easy Out.” There certainly are hundreds of “fad diets” out there that all promise to shed away the pounds easily and quickly. Those programs may work in the short term, but they are difficult to maintain over a longe...

By: karengray | April 03, 2018

“Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.”    ~   Carl Jung

For me, it starts really quietly. I feel a little sad and I can’t quite seem to put my finger on why. It seems to come out of the blue. My training and experience has taught me to look a little deeper, and to spend some quiet time with myself to examine what I’m feeling. I try to identify the emotions that I am experiencing, as if I am looking in from the outside. Yes, that looks like sadness, and that looks like a little hopelessness, and that there, that looks like self-pity.

From ...

By: karengray | March 08, 2018

The fast-paced and super-connected world we live in now is taking its toll on all of us. Everyday we must navigate through a constant stream of emotionally-charged information, both from current events and the changes and challenges we face in our own lives.

Our subconscious mind stores information from emotional experiences to be used later as a reference when something similar comes up. You can think of this in the same way that we notice landmarks when visiting a new town. We store information about those landmarks so that when we travel that way again, we have a reference for what we can expect on that route, and we can navigate more easily.

Just like making a mental note of the landmarks, the subconscious mind records information about ...